“Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?”


In all of my searching for help and healing, after a lot of time and more money spent than I care to count, I found that the MOST powerful tools available for my well-being were already within me. My voice met with my heartfelt desires have changed and shaped my reality, the reality I want,  more rapidly and joyously than any other effort I have made before. My health, my relationships, my spiritual life, my financial habits and perspective, my personal development- all of these core aspects of how I experience each day have changed for the better. I am in awe of the life that is unfolding before me, and so excited for what is ahead. As I have practiced this daily effort of listening to myself and choosing to declare the ambitions of my heart, I’ve created a clear vision of the life I want to lead, and I’ve actually been leading it.

This is powerful, friend.

Not gimmicky, froo froo powerful.


This is empowering because it is a doorway to see and own and love WHO YOU ARE. Your true Self. This is empowering because it lays out a foundational pattern for you to hear your own voice, to quiet all of the noise and untruths that bombard and “shush” you. That anxiety to be and do and prove and act in order to feel worth, to have comfort, to experience acceptance, to know peace…that anxiety does not serve your true nature.

You are already worthy.

You are already filled with peace.

You are completely accepted.

Trust and contentment already abide within you.

Really? Because that sounds really lovely, but things do not feel that way to me.

I know. I get it. I lived in disbelief, being, doing, proving, acting and a lot of noise for most of my life. I thought if I could do or be more, if I could just be “fixed”, I could outrun my depression and anxiety. If I just did enough, I could be something better, something other than what I was. But I changed those patterns, leaned into my humanness, and fell in love with myself. If I did it, then so can you.

This change, this taking hold of your life and capacities, really begins with your desires. Your wants, your yearnings, your dreams. Friend, those are God-given and you should never, ever, ever hide them. So I ask with love: do you know what you want?

I’ve found that very often, people can easily rattle off what they don’t want. Rarely, though, can I sit down with a person and have them tell me exactly what they do want. It’s bold and enticing and powerful when someone tells me, with clarity and confidence, “this is what I want, you better believe I’m working for it, and I trust that it is going to happen.”

Okay. I’m willing to explore the desires of my heart. I feel a little apprehensive, but I want this. What does it take?

Oh my friend…you have no idea how full my heart is as I write this.

Through the I AM program, I have the opportunity to guide you through a process of identifying yourself- your True Self- by getting crystal clear about those yearnings living within you. We approach five core aspects of your life- spiritual, physical/health, relationships, financial/business, and your personal growth/development- and dig deep with each of them. The details of your WHY, your HOW, your motives and potential stumbling blocks; we face it all. I am going to help you have a crystal clear vision of the life you are going to lead and help you write, see and hear all of those details as if you are ALREADY living them.

Once your vision is created with minute detail, you will listen to it every single day. Why? Because your brain believes your voice over every other voice you’ve ever heard. You may have taken other people’s words and opinions and told them to yourself over and over again, and guess what? Your brain believed them!

When you start listening to your own voice declaring the life you want and are “already” living, your brain will become acutely aware of the opportunities and flags waving that will allow you to blaze the trail you have envisioned. By declaring your desires, listening to your voice, acting on the invitations you receive, and realizing your dreams, you will establish a sense of trust within yourself. Your real, true, whole Self. Your confidence has great potential to grow as you recognize how capable and powerful you are. My hope is that the authority you’ve been looking for to give you permission to succeed, to change, to grow, to become- it’s already within you.

I really do want to hear, see and trust myself. How do I get started?

Each month I have the opportunity to host an I AM Workshop here in Salt Lake City, Utah! This is a one day gathering of women ready to break chains and honor their highest self. Throughout the day I’ll guide you through the creation of your Ideal Life Vision, feed you a nourishing lunch, and build a relationship with you. This seems to be the most effective way to identify, declare and own the desires living within you, as it can be a bit challenging to address and finish it all on your own.  I love these workshops, and I love the women who attend. If you check out our calendar you should see it on the second or third Saturday of each month.

If you’re not in Utah, I would love to meet you via video, or come teach for a group of your favorite women in your city! For one on one mentoring and guidance, let’s embrace technology and unite via video! I’ll walk you through one section of your vision each week, giving you time to ponder and write and refine between each call. It’s a longer process, but can be more personal and strong. For either option, reach out to me at maryecho@gmail.com and I’ll respond ASAP.

My friend, whether you come to a workshop, do one-on-one coaching, or continue what is already working for you, remember this:

Your words will light the path.

Author Don Miguel Ruiz shares in his book The Four Agreements, “How much you love yourself and how you feel about yourself are directly proportionate to the quality and integrity of your word. When you are impeccable with your word, you feel good; you feel happy and at peace.”

Own your desires, believe they are possible, and declare them loud and clear sister. Great shifts are bound to follow.