If you are a woman who has been exposed to media, marketing, magazines or a somewhat insecure mother figure, I’m going to take a stab in the dark and guess that have counted calories, restricted carbs, and consumed something that promised to drop pounds and “fix” your image at some point in your life. If you’re anything like me, you may also have tried every diet under the sun because it touted health benefits and weight loss and glowy skin and on and on and on. These efforts and the running from one diet to the next really warped my intuitive understanding of food, and I all but forgot how to actually nourish my body. In all the confusion and restriction, food became a poison and shaming friend rather than a simple, enjoyable fuel. Have you struggled with food too? Knowing what to actually eat, or how to listen to and trust yourself when you’re around it?

I know you’ve heard it-What you eat affects how your cells function, which genes your body expresses, your energy level, emotional balance, digestion, your appearance and just about every other aspect of your life! What you may not have heard is that your body is not a statistic, and no diet or specific amount of calories/carbs/fats fits every body. How many diets have you tried? How many have you retained as a lifestyle and helped you feel at home in your body? There is no “normal” when it comes to the body, because every single body is unique…and I think it’s insanely powerful when you step into your unique body and clean, fuel and nourish it the way it needs to be nourished.

Nutritional Therapy is exactly what it sounds like: therapy for the needs of your body through individual nutrition.

When your body lacks the minerals, vitamins and healthy bacteria it cannot make on its own, it will try to manifest what it needs through signs or “symptoms”. These symptoms can display just about anywhere in and on your body. For example, regular back pains may relate to a Vitamin D deficiency. Poor concentration can be an effect of insufficient Vitamin B1 in your diet. Sugar and salt cravings may be due to an inadequacy of Zinc. Your diet may not be the only cause of common symptoms, but nourishing your body with what it needs can make a significant difference, and benefit your entire well-being.

As a Nutritional Therapist, I have the opportunity address the symptoms your body may manifest because of common nutrient deficiencies. Through a nutrition assessment, I pinpoint the vitamins and minerals your body requires and may currently be lacking. In response to the results of your assessment, we create a personalized program filled with recipes and information to support your body’s homeostatic state, with the intent to relieve undesirable symptoms. The recipes aren’t about carbs or calories or Paleo or any other label you may have related to healthy food. They are designed to give your body life and enjoy food as a simple source of energy for your experience of this joyful life. If this is something you believe would serve you, let’s chat! But first, keep reading…

To be honest, the best way to go about taking advantage of any healthy diet is to clean your internal organs first. Consuming inflammatory, processed food over years of your life strips healthy, necessary bacteria from your intestines, offers a lovely breeding ground for parasites (even if you’ve never traveled outside of the country), and creates a build-up of toxic waste along your GI tract which keeps your body from being able to adequately receive and absorb necessary nutrients- even if you have started eating well and taking a boatload of supplements. I designed the Made Whole Cleanse and Restore program which is designed to release residual build-up, reduce toxic overload, remove parasites, restore necessary nourishment and help you to have a loving relationship inside your body. We attend to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your entire being throughout the six weeks. If this sounds like a program that would serve you, please reach out to me for more information at

If an intensive cleanse is not something that would serve your life at this time, but you are interested in shifting your health, I highly recommend purchasing the Cleanse and Restore Kit and following its directions for 30 days. It is straightforward and effective, and can be a natural invitation to help you listen to your bodies discomfort and needs.

DISCLAIMER: Nutritional Therapy helps to prevent dis-ease, or to moderate and minimize symptoms of your body’s developed disease. Nutritional therapy does not replace medical treatment, but it may compliment it. I am not a doctor and do not dispense medical advice or prescribe treatment.