“I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.” -Brene Brown

The Embrace element of Made Whole Coaching attributes a loving process of releasing unnecessary emotions and energies that cause imbalances in your physical and emotional body. Through Emotion Work sessions, you and I will work together to release trapped, negative emotions so you may have space to receive and lead your life with positivity and truth. It is an intentional surrender of the old to make way for the new, and a gentle process of connecting your body and mind.

What is it?

Energy work is a holistic modality of support and healing. In high school physics you may have learned how matter is a network of atoms, and atoms are a measurement of energy. The chair you sit in, the phone you hold, the shoes you wear- they are all a compilation of vibrations, of energy, of matter. You too, are a network of energy! The energy work I offer is focused on balancing the energy of your emotions.

Throughout your life experiences, you encounter an ongoing array of emotions and patterns, “vibes” and beliefs that influence your perspective and reality. Much of this is positive and beautiful- sunsets, quiet mornings, laughter with loved ones, surprises and good changes. Some of it is negative and quite painful- divorce, addiction, heartbreak, betrayal, insecurity and loss. These emotions each carry their own vibration and energy with them- you may visualize each emotion as a small ball of energy, around the size of a baseball or grapefruit, vibrating at various frequencies.

Understandably, positive emotions are easy to process because they feel good, they raise our energy and imprint happy memories within us. On the other hand, it is often difficult to process negative emotions because they are painful, may feel scary to surrender to and often carry a traumatic memory or event with them. When we stuff these painful emotions away, they become stuck or “trapped” within our bodies and have the potential to create an untrue story about who you are. When you introduce the negative vibration of a trapped emotion into your frame, you alter the normal vibrational rate of your whole being (interestingly, certain groups of similar emotions tend to gravitate to specific organs in the body. i.e. abandonment, loss and betrayal tend to rest around the heart and small intestine). Over time, these small balls of energy may begin to affect the physical body, as the low vibration creates inflammation, and the inflammation triggers a wide array of imbalances and dis-ease. Research continues to find inflammation of the root of all disease- from depression to cancer. I’m not saying a trapped emotion is why you are struggling with disease, but I do believe removing trapped emotions can only help your body and mind unite and heal.

Why would I need this?

If you are feeling removed from yourself or others (stuck, trapped, depressed, distant. isolated, in pain, etc.) and have already, or are currently using other practices of treatment (doctors, therapists, medication, supplements, etc), introducing energy healing can be a powerful supplement to removing unnecessary roadblocks to your emotional and physical health.

If you can’t quite put your finger on what’s wrong with you, physically or emotionally, energy work can often speak for what you can’t see or understand on the surface.

If you are struggling to integrate past experiences, or you cannot move beyond a past memory, energy work can help to release the fixation, and move forward in your progression.

If you have not been able to shift a continuous physical pain in the body, energy work can assist the release of unnecessary vibrations on a cellular level, which may be magnifying present inflammation.

How does it work?

I use applied kinesiology to tap into your energy and ask your mind-body a handful of questions to find emotions that are affecting your well being. Your body is intelligent, and responds to yes/no questions by holding strength, or falling lax. Your body is naturally repelled and weakened by falsehood, while strengthened by and drawn to positivity and truth.

We are able to pinpoint old energies and emotions, acknowledge and attend to them, and then let them go. We then fill that space with a true vibration for your needs and any other modalities I see fit to attend to your well-being.

How long does it take?

Sessions for adults last 50 minutes.

Sessions for children last 20 minutes.

I recommend you begin by addressing your Heart Wall, an emotional barrier around the heart that may keep you from feeling and experiencing life whole-heartedly. A Heart Wall can often be removed in 3-4 sessions.

What do I need to do to prepare for a session?

– Have an open mind and be willing.

– Arrive hydrated, and bring a water bottle with you.

– Recognize that this is an emotional detox. Just like a physical detox can bring up feelings of nausea and strong sensations, this work can bring up strong emotions and memories.

– Release judgement. Your emotions are just energy, they aren’t “good” or “bad”, they just need to be felt!

How do I know if I have trapped emotions?

It’s not really possible to look at a person and “know” they have a Heart wall or trapped emotions. However, in my practice I have yet to work with someone who does not have a trapped emotion. Most of us have lodged emotions in our bodies, simply because of what we go through in this journey called life! Your incredible body is beautifully designed to deal with emotional energy in the normal day to day routine. When an emotion becomes trapped, it’s often because of altered circumstances, like when you are overtired or caught by surprise or perhaps blindsided by a traumatic event. If you feel “off” or distanced from your normal self, it is very possible that there is an emotion blocking or causing an imbalance your natural, healthy state.

Who can benefit from energy work?

I have done energy work on all ages- 3 months to 70 years- for a variety of things:

  • Apathy
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Overeating
  • Stuck in relationships
  • Without relationships
  • Addiction
  • Pain and inflammation
  • IBS
  • Auto-immune symptoms
  • Grief
  • Restless sleep
  • Fungus infection
  • Family patterns

And so much more.

Does it actually work?

Here are a few words from clients I have been lucky enough to work with:

“My experience with Mary is something I will always treasure. Through the process of discovering trapped emotions in my body and subsequently releasing them, I have had the beautiful opportunity to gain a greater understanding of myself: What life experiences have affected me more than I realized? What emotions have I attached to those experiences? What beliefs have become a part of me as a result of those experiences? And most importantly, how are all of the above affecting me now?

My experiences, emotions and beliefs are what influence who I am today; they can help me progress or hold me back. I have felt stuck for many years, so this opportunity to recognize and then to release the negative has been the means of such positive change in my life. Through this experience I feel that my agency has been given back to me. I see now that I truly have it within myself to make my life what I want it to be. As Mary has helped me to let go of the negative, I have felt such relief, peace and empowerment. There is no greater gift. After each release of an emotions, we replaced that space in my body with a positive affirmation.

I believe that as we fill our being with positive thoughts, emotions and perspective, we can truly become who we are destined to be. With Mary’s help I am on my way and I cannot thank her enough!” -Madison L.


“Thank you so much for the emotions you helped me release. It has been over a month and the fungal imbalance problem has not returned. It also had immediate results that day! This is awesome.” -Sherry D.


“ I had been trying to treat a sore throat for three weeks, and had done everything possible- salt water, essential oils, antibiotics, sprays, etc. I finally asked Mary to do some emotion work to see if there was any correlation. She released three emotions and within an hour my sore throat was completely gone! ” -Jace M.


Heart Wall Package (3 sessions): $180

Single adult session: $65

Single child session: $40



*This work is not used to address or treat any major medical condition or disease, but can be used as an adjunctive therapy. Removing anything your body does not need can only help.