Hello my friend!

Welcome! I’m Mary, the creator of Made Whole, and I’m truly grateful to have you here.

Made Whole is a community for women seeking light and healing in dark places through vision, hope and choice. It is a network of people and tools to support your commitment to embrace, nourish, strengthen and empower your true self. There is no playing small here, no excuses for remaining where you are, and all the love available for your incredible Self to show up and rise.

The tools on this site were drawn together and designed to support the reuniting of your body, mind, heart and spirit- pieces that make you whole. That reunion is unique and sacred to each person, taking time, work and a whole lotta love.

Throughout my life I’ve faced heartbreaking loss, toxic patterns, heavy chains and my fair share of emotional imbalances and illness. I know I’m not alone in my brokenness, and see similar heartache weigh heavily on many women in our world. I now cherish what all of this sacred pain has created within me and see the potential of healing and hope in every woman I encounter.

Through my own journey of healing I left my job of seven years as a pharmacy technician and studied various holistic modalities to break free of chains and substances that were no longer serving my health. Over time I certified as a Nutritional Therapist, a Life Vision Coach, an Emotion Code Practitioner and Yoga instructor. Through my education and life lessons, I’ve lovingly designed various programs and workshops with the intention guide and strengthen you in your own journey to wholeness. I hope my experiences and the tools available here will help you in one way or another as you work towards your own healing and sense of peace.

We gather each month for our Made Whole Workshops in Salt Lake City! These evenings are so special to me, and are the core of our community. Every month we focus on one of the four pillars of your Self- body, mind, heart or spirit- and share hands-on practices to connect you with who you ARE. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, oil workshops, a healthy dinner or a night of sharing our stories, we will come together, connect, love and heal. Check out the calendar to see when and where our next gathering will take place! I truly cannot wait to meet you there.

Through our Made Whole Essentials tribe you’ll take part in a community of women who are learning about and using natural tools- oils, supplements, mindfulness and the likes- to help support you in your sacred darkness and move forward with trust in who you are. This network of women who are taking their health into their own hands is so powerful, and I would truly love to have you be part of it!

The Made Whole Cleanse and Restore program is a beautiful and intensive six week program constructed for your own intentional reunion of Self. During the six weeks you will: clean your body, release the walls around your heart, break the mental patterns and chains that hold you tight and by doing so, initiate a new life. Every aspect of the cleanse focuses on YOUR body, mind, heart and spirit, and you work one on one with myself or one of our coaches every step of the way. For more information on this cleanse, please look over each aspect of our main page and reach out to me here.

Wherever you are, my friend, and whatever you are doing to be healthy, know that you are loved. Embrace yourself, peel away the layers that are not true to who you actually are, and do WHATEVER it takes to really, fully live. Live and lead your life to the beat of your own drum, because we can’t create a revolution of healing with your voice all wrapped up and closed off in the corner. You are welcome and wanted here, exactly where you are. Your darkness is sacred, and I honor the heartaches of your life with immense love and light. Move forward in your darkness, use that power within you to take one step at a time with faith, and join us! When you step into our community, show up and begin to let go of the old, you have every potential to hear, know and trust yourself.  

Love and light to you, my friend.